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Object of study

The UPR 2002 MAP research unit follows in the footsteps of research structures that have focused their work on the scale of architecture, and then heritage architecture. In recent years, however, the team has renewed and extended its fields of investigation in terms of scale – for example by studying spatial dynamics in a more generic way, on a territorial scale, or by launching new fields of experimentation – fusion of imagery for the conservation of works of art, time-oriented data, heterogeneous textual content, small-scale intangible heritage.

The unit’s scientific programme is not centred on a specific scale (which for us would be the architectural scale) or a specific object of study but rather on methods, models and proof-of-concept prototypes adjusted to (and then questioned by) objects of study. Our aim is to provide theoretical and procedural support for the production of knowledge on heritage issues, and in return to use heritage issues to question models, formalisms and technologies that are most often exogenous.

Our work now covers a range of subjects, from the urban fabric to alterations to monumental sculptures, and is no longer focused on material heritage, even if this remains the main starting point. This page provides an entry point into the laboratory’s research and dissemination activities via a list of objects of study the unit has investigated in the past decade. The boxes allow to open either web portals of projects focused on an object of study or digital content (videos or scientific articles) presenting the work carried out by the laboratory on these objects of study.