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Frescoes in the chapel “Notre-Dame des Fontaines” in La Brigue

Fresques de la Chapelle Notre-Dame des Fontaines à La Brigue

Since 2016, Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Fontaines in La Brigue has been documented through a series of digitisation campaigns. This chapel, nicknamed the “Sistine Chapel of the Alpes-Maritimes”, had already been a testing ground for wall painting surveys carried out as part of the Monumentum and Fiat Lux research projects. This work was presented in a documentary produced by CNRS Images entitled Peintures en pixels. New campaigns have been organised around an inter-team initiative, involving members of the CICRP, MAP-GAMSAU and MAP-Aria, under the acronym “Phorayver” for Ortho-Photogrammetry of internal vertical walls by drone using different types of radiation, in order to supplement existing aerial and ground surveys. 
The aim of this project is to develop acquisition protocols based on the photogrammetric processing chain, while at the same time developing the guidance of remotely operated aerial vectors for indoor use. The aim is to enable large indoor spaces to be surveyed using ortho-photodocumentation (direct light, IR and passive IR thermography) for conservation diagnosis purposes.

Since 2022, work has been underway to consolidate this documentation in the form of a digital corpus. The first step was to bring together all the digitisations in a single model. An experiment was then conducted to make this complex modelling more explicit by developing a multimodal fusion index (MEFI), which is described in the following article:

Work is also underway on Nakala to open up the data:

The chapel is one of the objects of study in WP4 PASTAGA of the Equipex Espadon and will therefore be the subject of new experiments.

Surveys campaign: