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The laboratory  has amassed, and continues to amass, large quantities of data (raw or post-processed) and information that is highly heterogeneous, often massive and sometimes poorly formalised.

Like many scientific players involved in digital solutions, the laboratory is faced with a dual requirement: digital sobriety (the environmental impact of our activities), and publication of open data. In addition, from a methodological point of view, there is a fundamental challenge that the scientific community, well beyond the disciplinary fields in which the laboratory is involved, is putting at the top of the research agenda: the challenge of the traceability, reproducibility and verifiability of research protocols. Faced with these issues, the laboratory has made it a priority in its 2024-2029 scientific programme to renew its strategy for open data publication and posting content online. This strategy should result in a diversification of information visualisation and retrieval modalities, a move towards the provision of formalised paradata, and a set of best practices in terms of archiving.

This concern has a history within the laboratory: it will be deployed in concrete terms through the original MEMORIA information system already initiated by the laboratory (focusing on the traceability of research protocols) and through links to internal or external data publication tools, such as those set up by the TGIR Huma-Num consortium. It follows on from ad hoc initiatives already taken to publish open data as part of research projects such as the Territographie and SESAMES programmes.

This page gives access to the first experiments carried out by the laboratory, and will be amended over the years covered by the unit’s new scientific programme.

Memoria SI

Memoria Projet



Territographie Nuage



Open science and data exposition


Good practices : scientific integrity, ethics, data traceability

Team: Iwona DUDEK, Judith HANNOUN

Digital frugality

Team: Pascal BENISTANT, Laurent BERGEROT, Anthony PAMART