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“À l’assaut de la Citadelle” : summer digital workshop – 2nd edition from 24 to 28 June 2024

Formation Citadelle 2024

The MAP UPR CNRS laboratory, in partnership with the Citadelle of Marseille and ACTA VISTA (SOS Group), with the assistance of the Heritage Architect in charge of its restoration, is offering 12 participants the opportunity to explore the ramparts, bastions and underground passages of the Citadelle of Marseille, using digital experimentation to discover this unique architectural heritage. This initiative is supported by the MAP laboratory at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Marseille.

Aims of the workshop

Each participant will discover the monument and its restoration challenges through a presentation of the techniques used and the application of traditional know-how. In a workshop format, they will explore a range of digital practices for surveying, analysing and highlighting the architecture of the fort, drawing on the scientific and technical skills of the MAP laboratory, which is in charge of the digital data working group on the Notre-Dame de Paris science project. Digital resources and equipment will be made available to participants to enable them to design and build visual productions based on data acquired in situ (lasergrammetric and photogrammetric readings, and architectural documentation).


  • Visit of the Citadelle and meeting with those involved in its restoration
  • Digital readings: photogrammetry, lasergrammetry, 360° panoramas
  • Production of orthophotos and annotation of 3D scenes | Generation of an interactive virtual tour | Visualisation of historical data and clues
  • Work and summary days at the MAP laboratory
  • Presentation of results and activities carried out at the Citadelle


Registration form or by e-mail to :
Registration between 18 March and 10 June 2024. Please note: places are limited to 12 participants
The workshop is for students from all humanities, social sciences and heritage science courses, from L3 to doctorate level.

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