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Specialised training offered by the laboratory
CFE continuing education programme « Méthodes et stratégies du relevé numérique 2D/3D appliquées aux monuments et sites patrimoniaux »

Continuing education module open to all and part the catalogue of offers of “CNRS formation entreprises”, the CNRS continuing education organisation. This training module is aimed in particular at archaeologists, heritage architects, restorers, curators, designers, scientific mediators and project managers specialising in 3D. The module is offered in French.
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Summer digital workshop « Assaulting the Citadel »

A 5-day training module, open to everyone from L3 level upwards, offered in partnership with the Citadelle de Marseille and ACTA VISTA (SOS group). This module includes on-site experiments at the fort d’Entrecasteaux and laboratory work on the MAP premises. It is designed in particular for students of architecture or humanities at large who are interested in the field of heritage, and who wish to discover through practice digital approaches implemented on this unique architectural heritage. This module is not aimed exclusively at students studying in France, but was launched in 2023 in French. Depending on future applications, this module may evolve into a bilingual course.

This initiative is based on the teaching provided by the MAP-Gamsau laboratory at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Marseille.
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Specific contributions to training modules

CMI (Cursus Master Ingénierie) Ingénierie en Histoire et Multimedia – Université d’Avignon multimedia/

Haute école des arts de Berne

ENSA.M (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Marseille)