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Territoires and Immersion(s) 2024 Days – Lyon

Nuage de mots avec qcomme mots en gros : données, immersionn, territoriales, approches, usages,...

As part of the ‘Beyond 3D’ research action of the MAGIS GdR and in collaboration with the IG-RV GdR and the 3DHN Consortium, we are organising two days of scientific events on the theme of ‘Territories and immersions’.

  • Monday 17 June (urbanLAB – ERASME)
  • Tuesday 18 June morning (LyonTech-la Doua Campus)

Over the course of these days, we propose to explore the threefold capacity of digital tools (in particular 3D) to record the objects of study, to facilitate the expression of their complexity through the restitution of their tangible or intangible dimensions, and to reproduce the results of interpretations from many points of view. We propose to share the advances made in research on these issues, to raise the prospects and emerging themes, but also to discuss feedback on concrete case studies, and to put these elements into practice with a workshop to discover the iTowns platform. (

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