Ethiopian rock churches

A digital platform for the conservation and restoration of Ethiopian rock churches

This research is a continuation of a collaboration that began in 2015 (Africa X Objets) to study the architecture and degradation phenomena of rock sites decorated with paintings in Ethiopia.

The aim of this project is to develop a digital platform to associate knowledge on the state of conservation and history of these buildings with the 3D model. This system is intended for researchers, historians and restorers in order to share and enhance knowledge on this heritage and to prepare future restoration campaigns.

This work is carried out by a multidisciplinary team composed of historians from INHA, restorers from INP and Paris1, geologists from LRMH, architects and computer scientists from MAP-MAACC.



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IMAF (CNRS-Paris1) <br/>INP <br/> ENSAPLV

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MAP-Maacc, Paris-la-Villette