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Tactile models of heritage content for the visually impaired

As part of a partnership with the Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Krakowa (Historic Museum of the City of Krakow), a prototype called Tactichronie has been developed, enabling digital models to be used in a variety of scientific and cultural mediation contexts in the form of tactile devices adapted for the visually impaired. Tactichronie is an edutainment device designed to help people understand how built space has changed over time, using a set of alternative shapes that can be differentiated by touch. In a jigsaw model representing a fragment of urban fabric, it allows the successive changes in architectural locations to be arranged in a way that is unambiguously identified in time and space by tactile (i.e. three-dimensional) codes. This patented device is an original response to the question of how digital content can be reused, and also to the question of the mediation offer, since it can be used in contexts ranging from supervised visits to autonomous discovery.

Contact: Iwona DUDEK, Jean-Yves BLAISE

Website :

Scientific publications

Blaise, J.-Y., & Dudek, I. (2018, June 26). Studying and explaining architectural heritage: from digital to physical models. Part 1 Tangible Chronology. V&A Blog.


Blaise, J.-Y., & Dudek, I. (2011, December 17). A tangible chronology ? CAA 2012. CAA 2012.