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Joint Lab – Mass3DxCH

Towards massive 3D digitisation for large-scale documentation of heritage artefacts

Joint Lab – Mass3DxCH

The aim of this associated international laboratory project is to integrate the skills of two international leaders in this field, the CNRS-MAP and CNR-ISTI VCL laboratories, in order to design new solutions enabling massive (and collaborative) acquisitions and analyses that will actually be possible in the near future. The main objectives of this collaboration are to design new approaches for digitising shapes, for sampling the optical properties of materials (colour / reflectance), and for disseminating tools and IT platforms for collaborative and participative documentation (semantic enrichment of 3D models).

Website :

Calendar : 2017-2022

Partners : CNR-ISTI, Visual Computing Lab (Pise, Italie), UMR CNRS/MC 3495 MAP

Contact: Livio De Luca