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Consortium 3DHN

After considering the favourable opinion of the Scientific Council, the Huma-Num IR* Steering Committee has given its approval to the project of the new “3DHN” HN consortium, which is part of the dynamic evolution of the “3DSHS” HN consortium, whose mandate ended in 2023 (2014-2023).

In 2014, Huma-Num’s Scientific Council approved a consortium dedicated to 3D. The uses of 3D technologies are diversifying and playing an increasingly important role in the study of human societies. A number of research teams are playing a role in the appropriation of these new tools and collaborating in the emergence of new practices. The 3D consortium aims to federate these practices by supporting them with a network of highly involved units. The need to structure the use of 3D in a national consortium meets several objectives: to encompass all the uses of 3D for the study of human societies; to coordinate and structure the production of 3D models at national level and help French teams to position themselves as leaders; to disseminate ‘recommendations’ for the use of 3D in partner networks.
These concerns reflect the desire of all the players in the 3D consortium to work together, coordinate and/or pool their efforts in order to optimise the use of 3D methodologies in the service of research objectives, at regional, national and international level.

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Calendar : Consortium 3DSHS (2014-2023) , Consortium 3DHN (2024-en cours)


X.Granier (Institut Optique Graduate School)

F. Laroche ( LS2N – Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique (Nantes )

M.Chayani (Plateforme Archeovision , Archeosciences Bordeaux – UMR 6034)

Role of MAP: founding member

Contact: Livio De Luca