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Automated processing and visualization of expert images


Studies for the documentation of heritage objects increasingly use image-based methods such as photogrammetry and Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) techniques, thus offering new supports for the analysis of these objects. However, these techniques are still mostly used separately and not within a common space for the study and analysis of heritage assets and their state of conservation. The problem stems from a lack of easy-to-use tools for the spatial referencing of multimodal data and visualisation functionalities. The TRAIVIE project involves setting up an online platform for the joint generation and visualisation of 3D models, photogrammetry images, RTI images and semantic annotations for the description of a digitised object. This platform will incorporate collaborative aspects to bring different users together.

Contact : Adeline Manuel

Calendar : 2021-2024

Founder : Plan de relance “France relance” 2021-2024