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Stratégie de docUmentation MUltiéchelle, multiModale du patrimoine culturel et naturel : acquisition, traitement, étude et diffusion (Multi-scale, multi-modal documentation strategy for cultural and natural heritage: acquisition, processing, study and dissemination)

An analysis of projects involving the digitisation of heritage objects has enabled us to identify certain limitations in the approaches and technologies proposed to date. In particular, it appears that the technical aspect has often taken precedence over the demands of curators, and has not resulted in simple tools that are suited to understanding the issues of conservation, study and documentation. The information gathered to describe appearance is often limited to colour, at a single scale, under the assumption of homogeneous surfaces. Finally, there is a lack of a unified processing framework and of effective tools from the point of view of end users. The current SUMUM project therefore aims to address these limitations by building on the achievements of various current projects and approaches. It will be based on a multi-scale and multi-modal approach, guided by the needs of players in the field around relevant cases, by proposing a unified mathematical framework for representation and processing.

Website :

Members : LE2I, Grevc, CICRP/LABCOM, MIS, MAP

Contact : Anthony Pamart

MAP’S members : Anthony Pamart, Pascal Bénistant, Noémie Renaudin

Founder : ANR Générique 2017-2022

To read :
Courant, Marion. 2022. « Numérisation du patrimoine : zoom sur les nouvelles stratégies d’acquisition et de traitement développées au sein du projet ANR SUMUM ». Agence nationale de la recherche.


Pamart, A., Roussel, R., Hubert, E., Colombini, A., Saleri, R., Mouaddib, E. M. M., Castro, Y., Le Goïc, G., & Mansouri, A. (2022). A semantically enriched multimodal approach dedicated to conservation and restoration studies. The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, XLVI-2/W1-2022, 415–420.