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ESPADON : The Dynamic Analysis of Ancient and Digital Objects in Heritage Science

The ESPADON project aims to make available to the community, on the one hand, new instrumental resources for multi-scale 3D tomography and 2D multi-physics imaging, which have become possible thanks in particular to the increase in computing power, and, on the other hand, unique digital resources and know-how for processing and managing massive data and storage, in complementarity with and with the support of the TGIR Human-Num and the SoCoRe and Parcours actions already underway. Taken as a whole, ESPADON will consolidate the momentum already established since the launch of the first PATRIMEX EquipEx. Ultimately, this project will incorporate the following elements:

• Setting up a network of devices working on different scales and at different levels of mobility, enabling us to move to the works when necessary.
• Mutualised data management and use.
• The effective structuring of a network of researchers and laboratories in the region, including training for students and future researchers.
• Setting up a raw data archive via Humanum, as well as “finalised” data enabling the creation of the heritage object.

Calendar: 2021-2028

Funding: Equipements Structurants pour la Recherche (E.S.R.: EquipEx+) (2021-2026)


Les laboratoires CRC, LRMH, C2RMF (Culture, CNRS), IPANEMA (Culture, MNHN, CNRS, UVSQ), La Graduate School « Humanités – Sciences du patrimoine » (UVSQ – Université de Paris Saclay), Les laboratoires ETIS, SATIE, Agora (CY – Cergy Paris Université, CNRS), Les laboratoires CHCSC, DYPAC, DAVID (UVSQ – Université de Paris Saclay) UMR MAP 3495 (CNRS, Culture), Le Laboratoire LAPA – Equipe Nimbe (CEA, CNRS), Le CICRP (Centre Interdisciplinaire de Conservation et de Restauration du Patrimoine) à Marseille, Le Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, L’institut national du patrimoine, L’Ecole nationale des Chartes, le CEA Paris-Saclay, l’Université Paris Nanterre

MAP’s role: Project partner

Contact: Livio DE LUCA