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Research into cultural heritage makes the confrontation between material objects and multidisciplinary studies the arena for the production of collective knowledge. In the digital age, it is a privileged framework for studying the collective analysis and interpretation of facts, objects and phenomena, bringing together a new generation of data to build new scientific and cultural resources – our heritage of tomorrow. How can we remember these bundles of individual views converging on the same object of study? How can we analyse the dynamics of their construction, overlap and fusion, leading to new knowledge?

This project introduces a new field – a territory of multidisciplinary and multidimensional digital data – as raw material for studying the mechanisms by which knowledge is produced about heritage. By introducing a pioneering approach to computational modelling and digitisation, this project takes advantage of the exceptional experimental setting of the Notre-Dame de Paris scientific worksite (currently involving 175 researchers from disciplines including archaeology, anthropology, architecture, history, chemistry, physics and computer science) to build up an emblematic corpus of data on scientific practices in heritage science in the digital age. In this unique opportunity to produce and analyse masses of scientific data born digital, n-Dame_Heritage will propose a generalisable approach, a reproducible methodology and an open and reusable digital ecosystem for building cathedrals of knowledge through collaborative research on material objects. By introducing and experimenting with new-generation methods and tools for the production and analysis of semantically rich data, this project shifts the focus of digitisation from the physical object to the knowledge mobilised to understand it, in order to analyse the interdependence between its complex characteristics and the related knowledge objects constructed by researchers through their research practices.

Website :

Contact : Livio de Luca

Founding : ERC Advanced Grant 2021-2026

ERC n-Dame_Heritage projet team:
MAP : Violette Abergel, Pierre Arese, Florent Comte, Anthony Eberlin, Antoine Gros, Anaïs Guillem, Melvin Hersent, Ariane Néroulidis, Anthony Pamart,  Kevin Réby, Roxane Roussel, Laura Willot

n-Dame_Heritage project’s partners in the scientific site “Notre-Dame

ARIA : Kevin Jacquot, Renato Saleri
CITERES: Thomas Pouyet, Xavier Rodier, Olivier Marlet
ETIS : Dan Vodislav
LASTIG : Marc Pierrot-Desseilligny, Valérie Gouet-Brunet, Sidonie Christophe, Mathieu Brédif
LRMH: Lise Leroux, Olivier Malavergne, Véronique Vergès-Belmin, Thierry Zimmer 
LIRIS : Gilles Gesquière, John Samuel 
MIS: El Mustapha Mouaddib
MOM: Miled Rousset
PLEMO 3D : Denis Hayot, Dany Sandron, Gregory Chaumet
ISTI – VCL: Marco Callieri, Marco Potenziani, Roberto Scopigno, Paolo Cignoni